Feedly -> Zapier -> Ghost Integration

Ghost Help Group,

We’re a small startup that requires help from a Ghost developer to help us close a gap in an integration we have between Feedly and Ghost through Zapier.

We use Zapier to pull articles out of Feedly that are curated and move them to Ghost. This method has two gaps:

  • We cannot move author information from Feedly to Ghost because authors need to be invited and they also need to accept invitations before they can be used. Is there any way to create and use authors dynamically?
  • Zapier allows already created tags to be hard-coded and used for articles but allows no mechanism for us to create and use tags on an article. Who maintains the Ghost Zapier integration and can it be used to create new tags as well?

We’re looking for any help with these problems. We’d be willing to work with a developer/engineer to solve these problems also, but I currently can’t post in the “Marketplace” category.