Filtering Tag in Tag collection

Hello all,

I am using the Liebling Theme and there I use a tag collection page for having my content structured in one page. But I would like to exclude on specific tag from the tag collection page and make it his own collection.
How do I do this? On the liebling template you can check this in the section tags.

Does the tag in question need to be public?

If not, the easiest way to do this would be to use an internal tag, which means prefixing the tag with #, so your tag would be #tag-name. This won’t be included on the tags page.

Otherwise, you’ll need to update the template file called page-tags.hbs.

Update this line to filter out the tag slug you don’t want:

        {{#get 'tags' limit='all' include='count.posts' filter='slug:-tag-slug-to-filter'}}

Thank you Ryan :) That worked. As long as I have you here. Another question. I managed to get my page into my native language. But then I added the comment feature for members and this again is in englisch. Same as the E-Mails the system sends out automatically, when they subscribe. How do I get my page and mails fully in my native language (de)?

I tried to update the json language file with the phrases, but that didn’t work.

There are various solutions to handle translation in Ghost. Please see this FAQ for more info: