How to efficiently deal with rebuild / cache for theme tweaks?


I’m doing some tweaks to the wonderful Casper theme. Overall, it’s been very easy but unfortunately I’ve started experiencing some strange issues.

I created a new file called /casper/asset/css/custom.css in the hopes of avoiding an override in the future. I then added the in my default.hbs:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="{{asset "built/custom.css"}}" />

then I uploaded the whole folder and restarted ghost. That worked fine the first few times, but now it’s not, strangely. The custom.css is still loading, but it’s not the latest version that I’m uploading.

I’ve disabled caching on CloudFlare, restarted ghost, did a ‘ghost buster’, but still no update. Any ideas on an optimal procedure for tweaking a theme please? I am on Windows if it makes any difference.

Thank you

I ended up putting the styling into Settings > Code injection > Site Header. But I feel gross doing that.

I understand that it may be required to use some combination of yarn, etc. But this seems a bit nuts to me as the list of dependencies (nodejs, .NET, chocolatey, etc etc on Windows) is so large… just to update a few CSS settings?

I’m guessing there’s a better way, right?