Flamingo – Ghost Theme

We’ve created a new theme recently, check it out!
Demo: https://flamingo.stylesheets.dev/
Purchase: https://creativemarket.com/StylesheetsDev/4151493-Flamingo-Ghost-Blogging-Theme


Good job!

Are you open to suggestions?

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Yes, totally!

As I see you produce other themes, it would be great if you offer many homepages options, not only one per themes.

As I shop themes for my clients all the time, this is always a challenge.

A) How does the homepage looks like
B) How does a post look like?

Often, one or the other is not right.

What do you think?

Another big idea,

Have an homepage display a group of posts by tags one after the other. Per ex. https://www.vogue.fr/

You can see that tags are: Latest post, Mode, Beauty, Lifestyle

By having this option, it would open many possibilities. It would be easy to (hardcode) delete the section (tags) that I don’t need or add my custom tags.


Having multiple types of homepages, and post views is a good idea. I’ll implement it in some themes.

@pascalandy I was also thinking about categorizing posts on the home page… just implemented it. check it out

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That’s great! I’ll DM you.