Flexible subscription options

I’ve just switched my newsletter from Substack to Ghost, and while I can see that the layout and display is far more flexible, there were several excellent features for membership flexibility on Substack that aren’t available (it seems) on Ghost. I was wondering if there were plans for any of the following any time soon?

  • Trial memberships (that you don’t have to administer on an individual basis)
  • Group/institutional subscriptions
  • Discounts and discount codes (ie so you can run a promotion or offer a discount to an individual)
  • Different levels of subscriptions (I’d like to be able to offer a low-income option, for instance)

It would also be useful to have the option to pause subscriptions en masse, for instance if I go away on holiday, and offer pro-rata refunds.

These would be really useful additions to Ghost, and would in my view make it an even stronger competitor to Substack.