Flying Pages For Ghost - preload pages before the user click

Flying Pages

preload pages before the user click on it, making them load instantly

I found it from Wordpress Community this JS Script Help to Improve the page loading performance

Today I tested this on My Ghost site work’s Good but due render-blocking scripts/Third-part resources I can’t see the full performance if your ghost site is well optimized for speed you can feel the :rocket:

How to Install?

Here is the Steps to install and use this script on Ghost site

  • Download the Minified Script file from this Respo
<script src="{{asset "js/flying-pages.min.js"}}" defer></script>
  window.addEventListener("load", () => {
      delay: 0,
      ignoreKeywords: ["\/ghost","\/ghost\/#","\/p\/","\/signup\/","\/signin\/","\/account\/","#signout","\/public\/members.js","?action=signin","?action=signup","#",".png",".jpeg",".jpg",".gif",".svg"],
      maxRPS: 3,
      hoverDelay: 50
  • Save the settings and restart your ghost site
ghost restart

Test the Script

  • open your site on a browser
  • open browser console log
  • Go to Network tab
  • Press F5 to reload your site
  • in the indicator, your find link attached in that page was preloaded by flying-pages Script while user’s click & open the link instantly

Learn More about this script - GitHub - gijo-varghese/flying-pages: Load inner pages instantly, intelligently

other Alternatives

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Thanks for sharing. I’m now to Ghost but I’m bookmarking this and will test it out later when I’ve had my site migrated from WordPress.

Thanks again!

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