A ghost blog that loads under 1 second

My former wordpress blogs loads in 9 seconds on desktop and 25 seconds on mobile. Speed tests show my ghost blog hosted by digitalpress is twice as fast. But I need the blog to load under 1 second on 4G. Right now, load times are around 2 seconds on 4G.

Is there some quick and easy fix to speed the blog? Pingdom suggests:

  • Add Expires headers
  • Make fewer HTTP requests
  • Compress components with gzip
  • Reduce DNS lookups

Hey @NicolasK :wave:

Awesome to hear the speed improvements on your new Ghost site!

I did a quick audit on your site using Lighthouse (a tool for testing site performance that’s built into Google Chrome), the key areas are blocking scripts and embeds. Any new scripts you’ve added to the site can be modified so they don’t block the initial load, which should improve the load time. More information can be found here:

Hope this helps! :blush:

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I want to load disqus with my website nickname and put the embed code in the footer. But I didn’t find a kind of code allowing me to do this easily (like a google analytics code). Right now I’m using digitalpress’ tech but the speed of my posts are impacted. Either do some lazy loading or put the js in the footer. Anyone knows how to do that?

Plus I embed genius lyrics for songs I share which seem to slow the post. I’m going to take a look at the article you shared. But oh boy, what a journey is speed on the internet. Made me change my platform.

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Keep us posted on your findings! I’ve seen in some cases where people have replaced their comments with a large button to “load comments” This makes the initial page load much faster, and provides the viewer an option to load the comment by waiting a (short) additional time