Follow me buttons, sharing buttons, social media widgets


I would really like to be ahead of the game with this sleek and fast technology and my first wish

  1. I would like to be in all recommendations apps out there like Neil, Murmur, Refind, Mix, Can I do it with Zappier?
  2. WHy when I go to my search console AMP versions has no errors but I have 0 traffic from AMP.
  3. And I heard the news that addthis buttons are now AMP ready. SO I don’t think it is normal not to have those share buttons or follow me buttons. ANd also widgets. I want to be able to have a vidget of twitter and instagram and display my latest tweets and instagram posts on my site.
  4. if you go to I want the post which I made a page and turned ugly to be main one static page gorgeous looking. And the blog is second option after me page!!
    And I have no Idea how to do it!

Please help.


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