Share buttons on the post page

Hi guys,
I’ve struggling for hours to no avail in the pursuit of adding just a standard set of social media “share buttons”, that is, buttons to share my blog post on facebook or twitter etc.
I lookup the help center and even this forum, but no anwers yet.

I understand there is a connection with the “social media card” in the post menu, but good God it has been a hell to go through and still I can’t make any of it work!

I do not want a facebook or twitter page connected to my ghost website, I just want the user (and myself) to have the ability to share the post on the social media.

Anybody can please help?

Ghost allows you to set custom structured data for both Twitter and Facebook in the post settings menu, which means your audience can share a URL to your content and it will automatically populate with a card on these social platforms.

Beyond that, if you want to add sharing icons at the bottom of each post to encourage people to share, then you’d either need to choose a theme that has this feature built in, customize your existing theme, or use an external tool.

Here’s a few useful tutorials:

Great, I’ll give that a try,
but just to make sure I understood,
everytime a user shares my content, say by copy-pasting the link in the browser on their Twitter or FB, then the card details I’ve previously set-up for each post, will automatically be loaded on the social then, right?

That’s correct - when people share the URL the information will be automatically pulled in from the details you’ve added in the post settings.

I would recommend adding meta data to the post at minimum, which will be used by most social networks when your posts are shared (including Twitter and Facebook). The Twitter and Facebook sections within the post settings can be used if you want to have different sharing cards for each of those platforms.