Fonts applying only to post title not body

Hi everyone. My site is hosted with Ghost Pro. I’m using the Lyra theme. I found a typewriter font at Google and added the code into the header section. Everything seemed to be working well.

But I just noticed now that only the post’s title has the font I added. The body is different. Here is the code I injected. (There’s a chance that nothing has changed, and that the title font and the body have always been different, and I was just imagining that the body also had the typewriter font. Regardless, any way to make sure the font applies throughout?)

body { font-family: 'Special Elite', cursive; }

Hi @sbhopper,

The system font is used as a main font for Lyra, but Georgia is used in several places. To change everything, you might want to update your injected CSS like this.

.post-full-content h5,
.subscribe-overlay-description {
    font-family: 'Special Elite', cursive;
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