Footnote support in editor


I like to use footnotes for links or citations in my blog posts. I make it work with the markdown editor and I’d like to see it added to the new editor, Koenig.

✨ Koenig Editor - Beta Release

In particular footnotes across Markdown cards. (Footnotes are currently only supported when the footnote reference and the footnote occur in the same Markdown card.)


Manually created footnotes are currently supported in Ghost 2.0’s editor. As an example, you can type ^[1]^ to create superscript formatted text like [1] then you can select it and apply a link, eg. “#my-footnote”. Then at the bottom of your document you can have a HTML or markdown card containing the named links and formatted in any way you want.


I was about to submit this issue :slight_smile:
(kind of bummed that it’s open since june :confused: )


Oh, the answer to this idea is in another topic:


Are there plans to support footnotes? Maybe a “notes” card?

Would we run into the same problem as with Markdown cards?