{{#foreach posts limit="6"}} not working

Hi there,

I added a limit on how many posts should show up on the front page, but for some reason, it’s always twice as much. It worked just fine, until I added a post to be featured and removed it a bit after, but the bug stayed.
Weirdly, it’s not even the last 12 posts, but the last 6 and another 6 from a bit ago.

Make sure you use simple quote signs.
This works:

{{#foreach posts limit="6"}}

This doesn’t:

{{#foreach posts limit=“6”}}

Using the right quote signs. The weird thing is that at first the last 6 posts load, but then after the page loads, the scrollbar doubles in full length, and six more posts appear

Does your theme have an infinite scroll script? If it does then it’s likely picking up that the bottom of the posts list is visible and so loading the next page of posts.

Nope, no infinite script. Only have AOS, but everything worked just fine, after we added the animations.