Free newsletter still possible in V3?

Hi, I am thinking about migrating my blog to Ghost and love the V3 what I could tell and test.
But I have a new blog post every 1-2 months so my reader are returning because of the email I sent out informing them of a new post.

Does V3 of Ghost still allow visitors to subscribe to posts?
And do I have to enable the membership part for the newsletter?
Or do you recommend I go with V2 for just the newsletter?

Hi @Dominick ,

In v2 we had the “subscribers” feature, which let you collect user email addresses and then by setting up integrations with e.g. mailchimp you could send newsletters. This was super basic, it only collected email addresses and everything else was something you had to setup on top of that.

In v3 that feature has been replaced entirely with the new, more fully fledged Members + Subscriptions feature, which allows you to collect email addresses as before and to send email newsletters direct from Ghost as well as do much more.

I’d very much recommend using the new version and new features. You can read about it here:

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