How do email subscriptions work in Ghost 3.0?

Just launched a new instance of Ghost to try out 3.0, tried hooking it up to mailchimp using Zapier (as described in the documentation) but noticed that the Subscriber Created and Subscriber Deleted triggers in Zapier have been depreciated.

How can we sync subscribers with Mailchimp now?

Or better yet, can I set Ghost up to automatically send updates to subscribers when I create a new post without Mailchimp?

Hey @Auryn :wave:

Subscribers got moved to Members - There should be a Member Created option, though I don’t see a Member Deleted option :thinking:

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Thanks! I’ll check it out when I get back to my computer.

So there is still no native support for email subscriptions in 3.0?

Tried again today with no luck :confused:

Any idea on a solution?


I’m guessing that might be an issue with the Zapier integration itself. /cc @Kevin I know you’ve done some work on the integration :slight_smile:

I’m experiencing the same issue right now after full update and tested entering a personal subscriber in the popup subscribe modal and am just getting a continual spinning load wheel on the button

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We’re aware of a couple of issues with Zaps - fixes are ongoing.


We’ve made some fixed to this, can people ensure they’re on the latest version and try again? Any detailed feedback is appreciated. Thanks all!

Fixed! Thank you!

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So how do we send automatic emails to new subscribers in Ghost 3.0, so we can replicate the same experience in 2.x when it was Zapier -> Mailchimp?

@Hannah @DavidDarnes

Hi David and Hannah

Any news on this? I can’t seem to get my subscriber forms to display, even after playing with the member feature. Is there some documentation for this upgrade?

If you could please let us know soonest. I also have clients asking me what’s going on.

Much appreciated.

Documentation for setting up zapier and mailchimp is here:

Documentation for the subscriber forms is here:

You can also hit the / key on any page on to trigger search (which is also in the header).

Thanks @Hannah

So does the simple task of turning on subscribers in the dashboard no longer work?

The subscribers feature was replaced with the Members feature in Ghost 3.0. You still enable Members via the dashboard, the same as subscribers, only there is much more power and flexibility in the new feature & we will be continuing development on it.