Front End Search Functionality

Was very impressed by the Cmd+K (Ctrl+K) feature for searching posts in the Ghost backend!! It comes in so useful when you want to search/edit posts.

I was wondering if there was a similar search option we could include in the front-end? Something as fast, and easy to use as the backend one? This would be great for readers who want to quickly find an article when browsing a site.

Check this Search for Ghost - #61 by pvollmar

There’s a few ways to add search functionality, all with varying levels of control depending on how complex you’re willing to go:

Search functionality on a site isn’t the most trivial feature to add, so it might be best to offload the task to another service :slight_smile:

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For anyone looking for more options we’ve just added a tutorial on how to add search using Site Search 360:

Hope you find this useful :mag:

I began a series of three blog posts to implement Elasticsearch into your Self-Hosted Docker Ghost blog.

Hoping this post will help you :wink:

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