Searching posts in the back-end

I’ve just migrated circa 3,000 posts from WP to Ghost and want to revise some tags/add them in to the migrated content as part of a broader taxonomy refresh.

Strikingly I can’t see a search button on the back end to search posts for a quick edit in the CMS (versus on the front end to search them on the site)

Is than oddity of the theme I’m using or a standard bug/feature?

Having to resort to CTRL F and waiting for thousands of posts to load… bit suboptimal!

Advice welcomed.

There’s a search button at the top right of the side bar next to your site name, which you can also open with Ctrl/⌘ + K

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So there is! Thank you. Having massive problems with search in general though too. Any idea why a search which in the CMS shows up as having 49 posts associated with (i.e. with tags for) that particular search term is returning literally just one result? Guessing I’m going to need a third-party search integration by the looks of things…

I’m not too sure about that :confused:

It’s not ideal, but if the search on the frontend works, you can find the post the in frontend, and add /edit to the URL to get to the post editor


Internal tags aren’t searchable. That’s possibly the problem? Sodo-search (the built in pop-up search) is not a fuzzy search, so if you aren’t searching the exact word in the post title/tag, you won’t get a hit.