Full-width videos?

Is it possible to implement a full-width video option (for Vimeo and Youtube embeds) in a Ghost theme? … seems like this would be a very desirable feature, to be used along with the full-width photo option.

I’m not a developer, but I need to know if this is a feasible request before hiring someone to help me modify a theme.

Yes this is possible with CSS :relaxed:

Any hints on how? :slight_smile:

You could make whichever element that contains your post content as wide as you want the video to be, and then set the .kg-embed-card width to 100% and then I guess you’d want to limit the width of your content by selecting the paragraph and heading etc… tags within it and giving them a max-width (and probably a margin 0 auto??).

I am rubbish at CSS though and I’m sure someone else on this forum would have a better way

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Darn … sounds not simple at all.

It’s hard to answer because the CSS elements are labelled within the themes. This is not universal.

Thanks! I think I’m giving up on this. Wish it were a native feature in Casper, which is the theme I want to use. It appears that I will not be able to launch a GhostPro site because it’s imperative that I be able to embed full-width videos.

@lang if you’re using Casper the simplest solution may be to use a HTML card in the editor to insert the video embed code directly. You can then wrap it in a full-width figure element, eg:

<figure class="kg-card-embed" style="width: 100vw">
    ...insert your video embed code here...

If you’re not using Casper you would need to adjust the figure styles to fit your use-case.

Thank you Kevin! That works splendidly and it’s dead simple.

Another quick question: How do I get a featured post to “stick” at the top of the home page (using Casper), so that it stays there in wide format, even when I add new posts?

For example, I would like my intro post to stay in the top position, just as you can see here: https://langelliott.ghost.io