Gamification Tools

Does anyone know of any gamification apps, widgets or tools that work with Ghost?

Objectives: To award badges and points to blog members for every action they complete; commenting on posts, sharing articles, referring new members, etc.

The only tools I’ve found are for Wordpress, nothing else.

Hope someone has a few suggestions :)

I’m going to bump this once to see if anyone can help. I still cannot find tools like this. Thanks

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following. i have the same question.

or to add to it - what are the common ways these are built?

I guess Ghost doesn’t have enough tools to build a community. I think you need to integrate Ghost with Discourse or NodeBB in order to get a social interaction stack. And after that, look at the plugins for gamification on these platforms, they are. It is already available to use the engines of these forums as the Ghost commenting system, so you will be able to distribute rewards for comments and badges without any problems.