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I see lots of documentation and discussion about using forum software like Discourse for post comments, but very little about setting up a separate forum within a Ghost site. I’m thinking about trying to have one on my site for general discussions, limited to logged-in members – so it would have to tie into the Ghost membership system in some way.

Has anyone done this? What forum software did you use? Were you able to link it to the memberships? Did you embed it on your site, or just jump to the forum on another host?

Any experience or guidance appreciated. Thanks!

Going to bump this just once.

That integration would be fantastic and one I have been searching for.

In my mind, everything starts and ends with identity. Unfortunately that’s also where I stopped as Ghost doesn’t really have an elegant way to play with others. I even went as far as asking about external identity providers (Leveraging 3rd party sign-in).

To give you some idea, I’ve looked at Discourse, Forem, Peerboard, Mighty networks and Circle - all have their pros and cons.

But I keep coming back to the concern around seamless identity where a user will move from one platform to the other without it being clunky.

Yes, that was what stopped me as well. The current Ghost login process is so much better than requiring a password, so I just refuse to make a member enter a password to participate in a forum on the same site.

Hey Bruce! I just announced Discourse on Ghost which can serve as an SSO provider for Discourse using Ghost as the source of truth - I think it does exactly what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

Is the Ghost forum itself a ghost-based forum? Or is it using another tool, not Ghost? Because it seems to working well and have good performance. Sorry, if this is covered in some intro docs somewhere.

The forum software is called Discourse, and may be used with Ghost, including official integration.

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Sorry to bump this thread again, but it seems that discourse is not actually free to use? When I head over to discourse there is no free tier, just a free trial for the basic tier. Maybe I’m not heading to the right site though?

Discourse is free software, but you’ll need to self host.

Thank you for the quick reply, and yes I figured! I chose to go with digital ocean for now. But I’m currently facing some more troubles - I’m not entirely certain what to input here. Can I find this information somewhere in my ghost dashboard, or do I need to configure these somewhere else?

You should already have this information to hand if you’ve setup Ghost. However, any technical questions concerning Discourse should be directed to the Discourse forum.