Gatsby Cloud and Netlify blocked by

I’m deploying my own gatsby-ghost project on Gatsby Cloud which tries to access some Ghost resources during the build phase. The build fails with the following error message:

23:40:34 PM: error Error processing images in node Ghost__Settings__1: failed to process HTTPError: Response code 403 (Forbidden)

If I build the same project locally on my machine everything works fine. You can also test that this resource can usually be accessed publication-cover.png.

I also checked that the same issue is present when building the site with Netlify. I suspect some DDos protection on is kicking in here.

The error code 403 indicates, that is blocking the request. Could you please inquire why is blocking Gatsby Cloud and Netlify servers from downloading image assets and possibly lift the blockings?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Sorry about that. You should find this is fixed since yesterday.