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I am pretty new to JAM and etc. I am trying to understand the pricing. Per Basic plan I have soft limits 100k views/month.

So if I understand correct by hosting on Netlify the only views(query API) would happen during the build when static site generated? and that is happening when content got updates via webhook. Can you please clarify on this?


Serverside API requests happen on each build, clientside API requests happen [whenever] and all content assets (eg. images) are served directly by the back end. These requests all contribute to billing quota and are loosely (it’s very generous) calculated in the same vein as “views”


Make sense! Thank you @John!


Hi, I’m using Netlify Free.
I can not find the section about the “views”

In any case, could you explain to me that we mean for 100k “views” per month?
Thank you


@giacomosilli, I might confused a bit … Netlify does not have that views.

I thought build generates static files for whole blogging(or whatever) with content, which I thought it is sort of one time graph query to Ghost. After that since it is a statically generated site it runs free on Netlify(if u are on free tier).

Per @John there are queries(eg. images …) that runs against Ghost backend. So in that situation on high level 1 query = 1 view.

So far I like Ghost! I am committing to move to pay tier. :slight_smile: though couple things left to figure out.

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