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Hi, can someone help me to understand the pricing of Ghost? Looking at the pricing overview, it seems that the monthly price is fixed: Ghost(Pro) - Official managed hosting for Ghost

However, on the comparison site Wordpress vs Ghost, the prices shown are completely different? We need a basic blog and are deciding between Ghost and Wordpress - here is the comparison: Ghost: The simple, powerful WordPress alternative

I am wondering what is more expensive to use per month.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hey @schlotti4711 :wave:

Ghost(Pro) - Official managed hosting for Ghost shows the fixed price for each plan, each plan details what you get including the soft-limit for number of views (read further on that page under the “unusually fair billing policy” section)

Ghost: The simple, powerful WordPress alternative also shows the fixed prices it’s just listing them in a comparative manner against professional WP hosting based on the number of views that your site is equipped for

I hope that explains the difference in pricing tables a bit better :smile:

The prices appears to be the same across both pages you linked ($19/month for lowest tier GhostPro). Note that the monthly comparison assumes that the Ghost subscription is billed annually (19/month billed annually or $29/month billed monthly). What are you seeing listed differently?

Hey Kevin,
I am a bit confused - sorry I am not well versed with all hosting topics etc.
The prices I can see on the WP website are GBP3, GBP7 and GBP20 per month for Personal, Premium and Business respectively: WordPress Cost | WordPress Price | Compare Our Plans

Where does the USD 49 per month (for 25k views) come from that is shown on Ghost in the comparison (please see the screenshot I made)?

Initially, we just need a very simple blog. We won’t publish more than 3 blog pieces per month. Could we just use the ‘Personal’ = 1 Blog option for that? Advanced says 3 sites, I don’t really understand the difference though.

Thanks so much!

The comparison is around professional wordpress hosting rather than commodity hosting. If you look at WP Engine’s plans for example you can see the costs for one of the most well-known professional wordpress hosts.

You can definitely use the Personal plan for that :smile: 1 blog = 1 site, eg. You can publish as many posts on that blog as you want.

3 sites would mean the plans covers multiple sites/blogs, eg.,, and It works out cheaper to have all three sites under one plan than getting a separate Personal plan for each one.

Sorry, I can’t really follow you :frowning:
For our needs, is is the price comparison
USD 19 per month on Ghost
GBP 3 per month for the Personal WP Plan?

GhostPro pricing is the equivalent of a managed hosting package. So you would compare something like Kinsta’s starter package at 30 USD or WPEngine’s 35 USD plan with GhostPro’ basic plan at 19 USD.

A managed hosting package means you do not have to worry about the web app (Ghost or WordPress) as this is managed by the service provider.

The 3 pounds plan you mention has quite a lot of limitations on what plugins you can use, for example.

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thank you @dsecareanu !

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