Gatsby Starter Default Styles + Tailwind Styles Issue

Hi, i am building a Static Website with Gatsby using the Ghost Gatsby Starter repo.

I want to add aditional pages on my website. I will use tailwindcss to style the remaining pages on the website.But I want to keep the default styles for the posts pages.

The defaults app.css style on the ghost theme it’s having troubles with My tailwind styles.

Can you help me find a way of figuring out on

  • how to use tailwind styles framework
    without been affected by Default styles on app.css ?

  • While keeping the Post markdown styles.

Thanks in advance :smile:

Original Starter Repo

font size at 62% shrinks my others pages styled with tailwindcss. I’ve tried to apply online this to the post content, but style didnt apply correctly.


html {
  font-size: 62%;


body {
 font-size: 1.5 rem;