Get staff members in a template

In a custom template, i’d like to create a page to present a team. All members are created in the staff but it’s impossible to get all of them in the front.
This is what I did:

{{#get "authors"}}
        {{#foreach authors}}
           {{> "author-card"}}

Until a staff member hasn’t a related post, he is not an author and then cannot be fetched in the template. Is there someone who know how to fix ?

@gorjuce details of users with no posts are not public and so not available via the Content API. If you are trying to create a team roster perhaps you could create it manually as a page or a handlebars template where you have full control over the html?

@Kevin thank you for your feedback I appreciate it. Yes, I can create manually the page or simplier set my members as co-authors at least on 1 article to get them refered.
It solves my issue.