#get helper to retrieve all users

Hi! I’ve made a custom Ghost theme, and after the latest Ghost update (version 2.12.0) I’m having some issues with the #get helper. Previously I had used it in a static page template to display a formatted list of all of the Team members by using {{#get "users" limit="all" order="created_on asc"}}.

The latest update apparently changed the #get parameter to "authors" instead of "users", but even after fixing that, it only seems to retrieve the authors of the current page rather than all the users on the site. I can display the proper list by adding all the current team members as authors of the page, but I was wondering if I’m missing something a little less cumbersome.

Here’s my latest attempt to get this to work. I looked into some recent posts on the #get helper, and I’ve updated my package.json to use ghost-api v2.

I’d greatly appreciate any guidance anyone can provide on this matter. Thanks!

EDIT: I continued to look into this after making this post, and thought it might be the fact that the template I linked above has all its contents within a {{#post}} block. The problem persisted even after removing this block, however.

Hi @Veegie64 :wave: With the release of Content API the users concept was changed to authors to have a clearer distinction between:

  • users that contribute by creating posts (now authors and should be an author for least one post)


  • the users that are not in the above category (for example administrators who only manage content and don’t necessarily have to be exposed to the outside world)

I think your current approach:

adding all the current team members as authors of the page

is the most correct way to handle this problem because that way all the users you want to be available as authors in the template have at least one post :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any other questions!

Hi @naz. Thanks for the clarification.

I did have another question, but it’s completely unrelated, so I think I’ll make another topic to make it more searchable.

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