Getting H2 IDs for internal linking

In order to link internally, we copy the H2 ID in inquiry, but after the update you get to the attribute “strong”, not to the correct ID as before (see screenshot).

Please provide reproduction steps with any issue. This bug report isn’t actionable as it stands because we have no idea what it is you are doing or expecting to happen when doing it.

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Before this issue, you could simply right-click on an H₂, go to “inspect”, and get its ID.

Context: we need this for internal linking with anchor points.

Now, you’ll be referred to some other part of information, not the H2 ID.

You can do this now by going to the preview view and inspecting the heading from there.

Alternatively, most of the time, it’s not difficult to predict what the id will be based on the heading. “Understand the Issue with Common Phrases” becomes understand-the-issue-with-common-phrases or lowercased and spaces replaced with hyphens.

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If you add a table of contents (good for SEO, too) for your theme you can get these infos without having to use the inspect tool.

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