Getting handle of each card in a post


I am building a website in ghost. Here for the post detail page, I would like to have a fixed template, where all the relevant images, youtube links and content has defined placeholders.

So I would like to get the handle of each card from the content helper in post page so that I can put each of card content in the relevant placeholder which is already there. in my template. Is this somehow possible?



I’m not sure I fully understand the question here, but we have extensive docs on our themes - have you tried looking in here to achieve what you want?


Hi fabien,

Thanks for the reply. I checked out the documentation, couldn’t find what I am trying to achieve. What I need is, in the post.hbs file we are using {{content}} helper to get the content. But I have a specific template for this post content. So I need to get the handle for each card in the content, so that I can put them in the proper places in my fixed template.

ie. I have a custom design similar to this.

. I cannot upload multiple feature images for the post. So I upload it in a gallery card in the content section. But I can only access {{content}} as whole. Is there a way from the ghost api, to get the images uploaded in the post content, different card contents etc… separately from post content.


@uttahb you would only be able to do this client-side using JavaScript by inspecting the HTML and moving content around


Thanks for that. I will try to inject code for doing the same, Thanks again

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