Ghosler - Newsletters without Mailgun!

Hello everyone :wave:,
I recently setup a private blog via Ghost & its pretty amazing to work with. The editor, the themes and obviously the community!

However I stumbled upon the issue which quite many have had about Mailgun x Newsletter. Mailgun is fine when you have a good userbase, however it doesn’t fit well when you are just starting up or have a small & selective user-base (private access sites with limited, selected users).

I checked quite many posts on this same forum & none had solutions (afaik). So I built one, thanks to Ghost supporting custom integrations!

Introducing Ghosler - Ghost Newsletters, an open sourced project that does some of the work to solve this issue. Send emails when you publish a post!

Check out the project: GitHub - ItzNotABug/ghosler: Send newsletter emails to your members, using your own email credentials!

Note: I wasn’t sure whether to add this post in Off-Topic or somewhere else but since this was baked with Ghost Integration support, I have posted here. Let me know if this isn’t supposed to be here.

Happy Publishing!


Ghosler now supports quite a lot of features & customizations.

  • Screenshots

  • Key Features

    • Support for Multiple Email Accounts: Distribute newsletters through various email accounts, dividing member counts accordingly.
    • Tracking Email Performance: Monitor email deliverability and open rates.
    • Customize Newsletter: You can customize the newsletter via Settings, or go full on by providing a custom template.
    • Paid & Free Members Management: Ghosler shows a Subscribe button to members who do not have access to paid content.
    • URL Click Tracking in Emails: Ghosler supports tracking URL clicks in the email, providing more insights on how your members are interacting with added links.
    • Newsletter Post Feedback: Gain insights into reader preferences with detailed feedback on each post, including likes, dislikes, and overall sentiment.

Don’t forget to :star: the project if you like it!

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Ghosler now also supports Native Ghost Widgets (Cards)!
Checkout the latest feature if ya’ll are interested to look at the screenshots!


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Ghost says SMTP should not be used to send the newsletter and by looking at your github it seems to me that it uses that. Thoughts?

Ghosler enables easy sending of newsletters using your own email and SMTP credentials.

Hey @barnabynagy,
Thanks for checking out the project.

Ghosler allows using multiple email accounts (via SMTP) with a lot of customisation over the default newsletter template.

Ghost’s recommendation for not using SMTP is for transactional emails which are good if you have a moderate to high user base.

Hence if you have a smaller or even private user-base, Ghosler suffices the requirement.
Even with Email / SMTP providers, like SES with higher limits in your plan, Ghosler works just fine :)

Well I need a non SMTP because I’m sending to lots of subs

It’s actually the opposite, for 1:1 emails, Ghost doesn’t suggest a specific provider. For newsletters, Ghost suggests not using SMTP, preferring a bulk provider. Mailgun is the only fully integrated bulk provider at this time.

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Hey @vikaspotluri123,
You are right, I actually meant newsletters and not transactional emails.

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Haven’t checked it out yet just yet, I am in the next day or two though. Got it marked in my work stack. But I wanted to say regardless, thank you for stepping up and being a part of the Open Source community.

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So we know Mailgun is officially integrated, but what about other newsletter providers? I am really unable to use other bulk providers such as SendInBlue (now Brevo), MailChimp, ? I mean without Zapier. I remember these providers also have SMTP credentials so those might be ok for bulk sending?

Ghost officially only supports Mailgun, correct:

The plugin/integration in this thread aims at letting you use other bulk mail senders/SMTP though. Using that is not related to the Ghost software though, and basically a standalone tool.

Ghosler now supports managing Multiple Newsletters!
Earlier it was restricted to only one or the first newsletter available.

Checkout the Pull Request for more info. on how it is done!



Update: Ghosler now has out of the box Docker Container support!

See the Pull Request for more info. on how it is implemented!


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