Mailgun alternative for ghost bloggers? Unreasonable restriction from mailgun

Recently, I discovered I am not able to send out newsletters to my subscribers. I emailed to Mailgun and discovered mailgun has restricted my blog from sending out newsletters with more than 10 recipients, although they said I am able to send out more than 100 messages per hour. This 100 messages per hour does not apply to bulk-sending newsletters.

Mailgun said they are unable to lift the restriction due to lack of sufficient sending history. How am I going to build sufficient sending history if they restrict my newsletters from being sent out? This does not sound reasonable to me.

I’m not sure if anyone else encounters the same problem as me. I have no choice but to look for other alternatives to Mailgun. Are there good alternatives?

I hope Ghost team will look into support for other mail providers. This restriction from Mailgun is a serious issue. How can I build a newsletter audience if I cannot send out to more than 10 receivers?

This isn’t unusual, especially with a new domain, since there is no information regarding reputation. I found Mailgun helpful when starting out, and they soon lifted restrictions once they were confident of my intentions, i.e., not a spammer, and I had sent a reasonable number of messages that were delivered.

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