Ghost 2.0 Bootstrap 4 - Koenig Editor

My Ghost Theme build using Bootstrap4
I am using Ghost Markdown + Bootstrap CSS Styling Functions
Recent Gscan Recommended to add .kg-width-wide & .kg-width-full CSS Class
it’s compulsory to add this two classes or optional?

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@mskian the classes are required for it to be a fully valid Ghost 2.0 theme because they are needed for the image sizes editor functionality to work. You can read more about them in the docs:

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it require only for images? right

At the moment, yes.

We have discussed adding width options to image/video embeds sometime in the future which is why the classes are generically named and applied to the <figure> element rather than the <img> element. However for now the width options are only used for image cards.

Thanks got it
Mostly I use Markdown Option only
anyways I refer Casper theme CSS :slight_smile:

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