Ghost 2.0 decoupled from CLI

Is there a version/fork of Ghost 2.x that does not rely on the CLI? Trying to deploy Ghost onto my server using the CLI was kind of a nightmare, and I’m honestly not sure what it does pre-existing tools like npm, pm2, and error messaging can’t already do. I’d love for there to be a version of Ghost that I can install simply using npm and manage myself using the tools I already use for my other Node apps.

I fear that this is, in some ways, intentional. I know thats probably a controversial statement.

My assumption - Ghost has a larger incentive to provide support for their SAAS/PAAS offerings and not as much for users self hosting the software.

Maybe features like the subscriptions/membership offerings … assuming a portion of the charges goes back to Ghost … will help to shift that in the opposite direction.

I dont know how Ghost covers their expenses. My guess is the revenue from their PAAS. Makes sense for them to cater towards that. Though I agree with you, I would like to see the self install option made simpler, more management options that dont require using local development setups, etc.

You can git clone the repo, grunt build it and node index.js if you like!

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The huge effort that’s gone into Ghost-CLI is all towards making the experience much better for self hosters, which has been born out in the positive feedback and praise that the project has received. It has no bearing on our own hosted offering and we’ve never actively tried to make anything harder as an incentive to push anyone to Ghost(Pro).

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This is more in line with how I was looking to deploy Ghost, thanks!

Before running grunt build I did have to run npm install, and I ran into a couple errors during these steps so I had to follow along with the instructions in this github issue but now I am up and running.

Thanks everyone for the replies.