Run Ghost as a binary / using zeit ncc

Hello folks!

This one is for the geeks :-p Have some of you considered compile Ghost as a binary? I know the CLI manage the heavy installation part for us, but I can’t resist the idea of having Ghost to run as a single binary file.


Simple CLI for compiling a Node.js module into a single file,
together with all its dependencies, gcc-style.


  • Publish minimal packages to npm
  • Only ship relevant app code to serverless environments
  • Don’t waste time configuring bundlers
  • Generally faster bootup time and less I/O overhead
  • Compiled language-like experience (e.g.: go)


Except it couldn’t quite be a single binary file. Ghost isn’t a typical node module in that it ships with quite a few assets, config files, etc that wouldn’t compile down to a single binary. At best you’d have a huge binary plus a bunch of assets that all need to be installed in the correct place.

That being said I’m certainly interested to hear from anyone giving it a go, and if they get it working whether it makes any difference to startup performance.

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