Ghost 3.8.0 Unknown database error

Hi folks!
I just updatet my ghost blog from 3.7.0 to the fresh 3.8.0 release, but it fails during the “ghost start” process:
A GhostError occured.
Message: connect ECONNREFUSED…

Ghost doctor does not find any issues.
Do you have any idea what is wrong with the update?


Hm… I tried to rollback, but it failed like the upgrade. It seems it has an issue with the database migration (?) :open_mouth:

@vilagosg the error is saying that the mysql server you’ve configured Ghost to use isn’t available. If MySQL isn’t running then Ghost won’t start and upgrades/migrations won’t work.

If you suspect MySQL has shut down in error, you may be able to get some information from it’s logs. Otherwise you’ll need to start your MySQL server before Ghost will start.

Thanks Kevin!
An other ghost site is running on the same DO droplet and mysql server, without any issues. But in the evening i restarted the droplet, and anything is fine now. Thanks!