Ghost 4.4.0 - You can now DISABLE MEMBERSHIP feature and Portal

For those who want to disable portal script, membership feature. You can now by going to settings > Members Access and set to “nobody”.


This is fantastic news. Thanks a lot ghost @staff :+1:



Here’s what this new option looks like:

In Ghost Version 4.4.0

In Settings under the MEMBERS section is a new feature button called Access

Click Access and then choose your options …


Thank you devs!


This is fantastic news! The Ghost that I loved is back! Thank you @staff!

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Are official themes already compatible with this new feature?

Yes. If by “this new feature” you mean the new settings found in Settings > MEMBERS > Access in the Admin area (as you see in Post #3 above) – this is not theme-dependent. It is built into the version 4.4.0 (and above) core and accessible in within the admin area of any Ghost site updated to version 4.4.0 and above, regardless of any installed theme(s).

@denvergeeks but how do you check if membership is disabled in handlebars ?

Does this disable newsletter subscriptions too? I don’t need full membership, just visitors to be able to sign up for news.

They are one and the same. If you don’t want to use Ghost’s members system for emails you can disable it and integrate with other mailing list providers

For the time being the @labs.members property still works although it’s deprecated and may be removed in the next major release. A non-deprecated replacement is being worked on.


Okay, thanks @Kevin.