Ghost 4 Questions/Feedback


I’ve followed and used Ghost from the very very beginning. So Ive been trying out Ghost4.


  • How do you provide a complimentary membership to a member?
  • Can you set ghost to only paid members, as I have no need for free members.
  • How do you turn off membership?
  • How do I turn of the portal to use my existing membership methods?
  • Can you inject HTML into the email footer?
  • Is there anyway to use the public preview for multiple parts of a page, that I want to expose to only members?
  • What is the LTS for Ghost 3?
  • Is there a software lifecycle/roadmap for dates and support paths?


  • So far with Ghost v4, from what I can see you cannot disable membership. This seems like madness. As its just going to restrict the type of users.
  • Shame that the original side by side view of the editors. Live markdown view is missing. Was a great feature.
  • Bulk actions on posts and users would be good.


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#1: yes
#2: yes
#3: simple set all posts to public and do not use the membership. You need to edit the theme as signups / subscribes are built in
#4: disable the button in settings and portal
#5: yes, edit the newsletter ok settings and newsletter (don’t remember if it’s the footer or body)
#6: no
#7: no idea
#8: no idea

My answers are based on me reading and using ghost on a local install for 4 days, just so you know.

Thanks #4 and #5 do you have the setting locations/details

#4: settings, portal
#5: settings, newsletter

Thanks. Is there any doco around the settings. I have looked at Configuration - Adapt your publication to suit your needs but there is no reference to either portal or newsletter.

Think so. Look at the announcement for version 4.