How do I remove the "subscribe" button?


I would like to use Ghost as a blog only, so how do I remove the “subscribe” button from the top corner?


Look here V4 upgrade - Disable / remove SUBSCRIBE button / memberships? - #5 by binaryanomaly

Hi vmv. The best approach if you’re on Ghost 4.3 and later is to set this flag in the database (though it’s subject to change in the final feature version):

The problem with hiding in CSS is the endpoint is still there, so people can still spam your signup form. I previously blackholed the URL in my web server software, but I can confirm the above config works :)

I’m also waiting for them to introduce a parameter to handle this.
Meanwhile, I just removed the code in the theme.

You can hide it by css


Since Ghost 4.4 we can disable membership by:

  • Settings
  • Membership
  • Subscription access
  • Change to Nobody

changes: Release 4.4.0 · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub

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In Ghost v4, go to the Settings page and click on Portal. Untoggle the “Show Portal button” and click Save .

Hm, I disabled button in Settings page, restarted Ghost and it is still showing.