Ghost adds automatically the width to post images?

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- What version of Ghost are you using?
Version 3.19.1

I only looked in chrome.

- What errors or information do you see in the console?
Ghost started to add the width to the images automatically. This started to happen this afternoon (Thursday 11th June). It does not affect old posts or old drafts that have already an image added. It only affects the posts that the new image is added.
I have inspected the page and I can see that the new width is added (2400w).
Also, I was changing the image setups via icons (full width, aline with the text etc.) It works in the draft, but it doesn’t work when you preview the post or publish it.
How can I take this off? Or reverse to the old setups?

- What steps could someone else take to reproduce the issue you’re having?
Just create a new post and add the new image and when you publish the post the image will be automatically resized.

@Kasia_Hoffman this is intentional, Ghost 3.19.1 added the feature.

A srcset attribute is added to images added via image or gallery cards. srcset contains a number of differently sized images that let the browser select one that’s most appropriate for the device width. This allows pages to be better optimised than only outputting a max 2000px wide image in the src attribute. You can read more about how srcset works here

Note that this is not assigning a width to the image, it’s only suggesting to the browser alternative image srcs that can be used. If the image is less than the width specified in the URL it will not be resized to be bigger.

Has the change caused problems for you? It should have no impact on layout or styling.