Ghost and artificial intelligence

Hello everyone,

Artificial intelligence is now present in every aspect of our lives. As the Ghost team, are you considering integrating AI into the Ghost system?

I love using Ghost and often utilize AI when creating my content. Integrating AI into Ghost would be extremely beneficial for many users.

Is AI included in your roadmap? It would be great if you could inform us about this.

For those who use AI in content creation, this integration would be highly advantageous. Given that AI is now widely used, I would like to see it integrated into Ghost as well. If we could create our content directly through Ghost or use AI to correct errors in our content, it would be a significant improvement for Ghost. I hope you can integrate this as soon as possible. Thank you in advance.

If this is being considered, please provide a simple-to-use toggle to turn it off completely. I switched to Ghost to give me more time to write creatively. I’m aware of the near-universality of AI, and equally aware of the poor quality of some of the content created.

There’s a laughably bad website that scrapes my content every week or so, mangles it with AI - presumably to try and evade copyright, or make it more ‘US-centric’ in the wording - and uses it as their blog to promote their shoddy products.

I wrote a post that referred extensively to their AI-based copying, and it generated a significant number of new paying subscribers … :grinning: . I don’t think all AI is bad.

So, by all means introduce AI to Ghost if there’s the demand, but don’t integrate it and provide some global option to disable it.


If you know how to use artificial intelligence, you can achieve great results. I live in Turkey and use Ghost for my news site. I create all my content with the help of AI. The concept is simple: I provide an existing article to the AI and ask it to rewrite the text in a better and SEO-friendly way. The AI evaluates the text and rewrites it accordingly, ensuring it is not duplicate content and delivers very successful results. That’s why I want AI integration.

Many people are now using AI, and I would like to see this feature in Ghost as well. For those like me who don’t have a lot of time, using AI would be a great help. Users can choose whether to use AI or write content themselves, leaving it up to the site author. Therefore, I believe having an AI option would make Ghost much more useful.

I hope I have misunderstood this…

You’re taking existing articles, let AI “re-write” them, and then publish it?

That sounds exactly like the process @fatshark mentioned with his “competitor” “re-writing” his articles with AI. And really, really unethical :upside_down_face:


I really don’t think Ghost should have any AI built-in. I’m not the biggest fan of AI right now, and unethical practices like the one mentioned in this topic are just one of my reasons.

However, setting my views aside, even in a practical sense, I don’t think it would be a good idea to build it into Ghost. It sounds like you’re using those tools like how people use Grammarly or a typical browser extension. I don’t think Ghost would be able to beat that experience, and if they did, it would just add bloat to the project.


Not exactly like that, although some do it that way. I don’t have much time. For example, I write a short piece about a news topic and then give it to the AI to rewrite it. The AI develops and rewrites the text, saving me time. Therefore, I want the AI to be used in ghostwriting.