OpenAI integration with Ghost

Hey guys,

I am a software developer and also run a few blogging sites on Ghost. I have been playing with OpenAI, and I built a “Related Topics” integration with OpenAI semantic search. The result is much better than just using tags.

Also, I can generate automatic weekly newsletters entirely by ChatGPT, by combining a few blog posts into a single one as a weekly digest. Very fun to build Ghost and OpenAI together!

Is it something you guys are interested in? I plan to pack everything together to make it easy to use and integrate. If I can recover the cost of the hours I spent it would be fantastic.



dude…bro…dude…yes! related topics would be killer, and i’m writing a lot of structure research content specific to a couple of countries, etc, and so i imagine some great results…

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Yes I’m interested! I’ve used chatGPT to code half my website. I’d like to see how you plan to implement it.

We use Discourse with Ghost and they are working on a very good plugin that you maybe check to get some ideas :wink:

I fully support OpenAI as a tool for improve our blogs and forums. That fits really well with the functions it was created for.


Thank you for your interest, I just put together the work together in GitHub, check this out and let me know if you like it and start using it?

Hey yes super thrilled to see what others are doing in this space! Are you the developer of that plugin? We are currently working on building the Ghost/Discourse search engine running on OpenAI, would love to get a few blogs/forums to get a feel of our work and provide feedback!

In any case, I have put the Related Posts features, powered by OpenAI, for Ghost, on Github. It has everything you need from indexing to theme template code:


Hey thanks, I’m just sharing similar projects as user (I’m not technically a dev) but I would gladly share my appreciations if you are open to recieve it.

Thanks! I will give a try and then I’ll update with my thoughts. That’s looks very promising because we can use that AI for more activities like:

  • Show newsletter box only when X views and/or clicks on specific pages.
  • Add AI featured images looking into the more headlined repeated words or similar pattern (maybe that could be engaged with Make, Posthog or similar systems at the long term).
  • Correct grammars and suggest improvements on structure adjusted to SEO.
  • Improve the weekly newsletter suggesting a couple of paragraphs as brief with related articles to the user history.

I don’t really know how to implement those ideas but I share because could be a good point to look into.

I’m here to test the rest of your work if you want. Thanks again :vulcan_salute:

Sounds good. Let me know once you able to get the scripts to run and let me know your blog site?

Good luck!

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Hello, again :wave: I’m on the road again, looking for testing.

I just send my (beta) blogsite link via PM if you don’t mind. I will share it here when it’s time, probably in a couple of weeks/months.


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