Ghost and classic Table

Hey all,
I have a hard time to create a table in Ghost CMS.

The things that work for now :

  • I can create a table in HTML via the HTML input
  • I can add column, line and content

Where I struggle :

  • I have long text to put in my table. I want words to wrap up and that my text stay in the max size of the column but it’s not the case. Even when I insert a style=“width:300px”, the column stay at 300 but my text continue for 1300px to the right.

I really don’t know how can I return the text to stay in the right size of my column.

Can you help me please on this subject ?
Thanks a lot in advance,

That’s probably not a Ghost problem, but an HTML/CSS problem. Try this:

You may need to add an !important if the property isn’t overriding correctly.