Wrapping text in a HTML table

Hello everyone,
I have this exact issue and I’d like to solve it but haven’t luck so far.
What exactly should I change of that line?

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Hi @pancakeufo,

do you have the casper theme installed?

If so, you can search for .post-full-content table in your screen.css file. (It should be in line 1443)
Change white-space: nowrap to white-space:normal

This is how it looks with white-space: nowrap

This is how it looks with white-space: normal

Hope i could help. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind reply. I edited my screen.css file as you suggested but issue is still there.
I tried reloading Ghost but nothing has changed. See here: https://imgur.com/a/uctQmap

If you want to take a look: https://giacomo.tips/test/ the password is “ghost”

Hi @pancakeufo,

i forgot.
The theme uses the files in the built folder, so you have to edit those if you dont want to recompile your screen.css.

Easy way:
Edit the screen.css found under /built/screen.css

“Proper way”:
Edit screen.css and compile with Gulp/PostCSS as mentioned on the casper github page under Development: https://github.com/TryGhost/Casper