Ghost as an amazing engine, not only a publishing platform

We love Ghost. We have created a high calibre search engine interface using Ghost.
We had to do a bit of hacking but Ghost still came out as the best option.

We will create another Ghost theme which we will open source, for now its based on a modified version of Casper.

It would be great if the Ghost community can start to create things more than just themes. Ghost is built on the best platforms out there, thats node. Ghost should also open up a plugin architecture to allow us to create beautiful things.

Please share any extensions or ideas you might have created or thought of.

So this is the Search Engine. It’s called Aaron’s Cat and it’s a vertical search engine for the creators. That’s all of us here.

Aaron’s Cat

Nice work, good job!

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This search engine would be amazing if you made it into a search engine plugin for any site using the Casper theme. Like a seamless button which creates maybe a dropdown with the posts it found. Have it be able to search for titles, tags, authors and words in posts maybe?

If the dropdown could look like this, but maybe a scaled down version that fits the Casper theme:

Then maybe a sleek search icon in the same style as other icons:

Just a thought :slight_smile:

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Hey @MLFromScratch We had a little discussion and we think its a great idea. We gotta get the main search engine stable first and then we will start with something similar to what you have suggested.

We love communities! Thank you.

@VaporTheCat this is sleek!!

I’m wondering, as your search engine is looking for stuff outside your domain, what is this search engine is looking for?

Have you hardcoded some domain? Curious to understand your user story on this :slight_smile:


Hey @pascalandy, Thanks!

This search engine is built to be a vertical, distraction free research tool for people like us who love to create. Once things are bit calmer (when servers are not falling over ;))… I will publish some architecture details. Basically I have been interested in creating a large scale vertical search engine for few years now.

We have started with few hundred seed websites (all focussed on tech, science, nature and design), currently indexing about 250k documents a day. Once we reach few million quality documents then we will have enough data to train the machine models. From that point on we can venture on and pick the best content out there.

Thats only a part of it. I also wonder why most search engines are static, as in without any interaction. So thats also something we wanna add, you should be able to interact with the search results, ask questions/discuss etc.

And it will also be private. No tracking and no user history will be kept on the servers.

Let’s see how we go. If you like it, it would be a great if you can spread the word :slight_smile: - it will help us


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Sounds promising!