Ghost/Babble SSO integration

I am considering using Babble to increase member engagement on my site.

One of the limitations of Ghost is the inability of members to submit new stories unless they are given at least contributor status, which brings with it a whole host of administrative issues. Babble seems to be a solution.

Last year I tried to do a Rocket Chat integration but one of the big challenges was the friction of requiring members to sign up for a separate account. Babble seems to offer a solution.

The do offer SSO capability – but not specifically for Ghost. I am wondering if anyone here has tried to implement it and were successful.

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That looks like it’d either need modifications to core, or a separate node instance sitting on your server and responding to login requests (and then using the information received to talk to Ghost with your admin API key). I’d guess that separate node instance could sit on something like Cloudflare instead of on your server itself, if you’re not self hosting.

Cathy - thanks for this clue as to a direction to set to work. I am self-hosting.

It’s a guess! Please post back with how it goes! :slight_smile:

@Cathy_Sarisky – I am hoping the integration is much easier than that (Babble support says it should be) I will let everyone know!

I’m interested too. But the mensual price is too high. It’s would be nice that Bubble will offer Self_hosting solution. I currently use Rocket.Chat and love it, but it does not offer SSO compatible with Ghost as well.
Ghost in this is very limited. Hopefully they will expand compatibility.

@joan - the lack of SSO was the main reason I ended up abandoning Rocket Chat.

Also, I found that people who were not using Slack already found RC to deliver more functionality than they needed, or wanted.

In my situation, the monthly cost of Babble is not all that different from the cost of a separate server. And the price of not having to manage it is incalculable.