SSO For Members


I was trying to figure out how to get SSO (Mainly google/password) for members as the current magic link method is 3 clicks too many for many people.

I was wondering if anyone has implemented SSO for members before and if so, how?

I stumbled upon this GitHub - auth0/express-openid-connect: An Express.js middleware to protect OpenID Connect web applications. and there are a few threads on this forum about and passport (passport-google-oauth), which I’m still evaluating.

From the business/ux perspective, I think something like this would create a snowball effect throughout the ghost ecosystem because it would simplify onboarding (while providing intrinsic social proof, cause people trust Google/apple), which would increase user growth while decreasing churn. That in turn would turn into more revenue and growth for individual creators and trickle into the entire ghost ecosystem.

Ghost is unique in that it is really flexible and customizable, while also being open source, but the competition (beehiv) is churning out features, and having a core user workflow like sso would evolve ghost from a blog/newsletter to a more appy content library.

Building this is on my list for next week :slight_smile:

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Happy to tag team if you need a partner. I run so I would implement near immediately.

Thanks for offering! I’ll let you know if I get stuck somewhere. :) [Point of information - I’n not editing Ghost core but building a worker that’ll handle auth.]

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