Ghost blog does not open in iframe

A few years back I created a Ghost theme and the demo is available at

Just noticed that the “Demo” link on ThemeForest does not work as the demo site cannot be loaded in an iframe.

The Preview Link is:

I also created a JSFiddle test at HTTPS iframe test - JSFiddle - Code Playground.

Any ideas would be helpful to figuring this out.

I think this could be a solution but need to test Overwrite X-Frame-Option on Ghost Site

@harishchouhan if you’ve used Ghost-CLI to set up nginx then the solution you’ve linked to is the correct one :slight_smile:

Ghost itself doesn’t add the X-Frame-Options header to any responses but nginx is configured to add it by default for security. It’s safe to override or re-configure as needed based on use case such as intentionally loading the site in an iframe.

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Hey, I’m having the same problem with my site.

I am getting a ‘[domain] refused to connect’ error when I try to iFrame my Ghost website into another website I have.

I’ll confess I’m new to using Digital Ocean and Ghost. Could anyone direct me as to how specifically to change “X-Frame-Options” to SAMEORIGIN?

I assume I change this setting on Digital Ocean, but once I open the console, I’m at a loss as to what I’m supposed to type to 1) check the current configuration and 2) if it turns out the be wrong, change it.