Ghost blog images suddenly stopped showing in Chrome

Recently images for a few of my blog posts have stopped appearing in Chrome.

When I check the image URL it is a dead webp link.

However in other browsers it directs to a correct png link.

Nothing has been changed or modified in the Ghost settings or on the server for many months. I’m self-hosting Ghost on AWS using Bitnami, and this problem has just suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Could you share your blog link and point us towards the problem pages?

I have seen this. It can happen for a combination of three reasons

  1. Chrome has stopped showing http images (and other resources) if on an https connection for the main page. This is a security thing for them.
  2. A bug in Ghost meant that images were always being loaded as fully qualified links (protocol, domain, path) rather than just relative links as one would expect.
  3. If you are using someone such as cloudflare to provide SSL to a website, it means that website visitors are seeing an https page which is trying to load http images, and thus chrome blocks them.

If you are using https on your site itself (such as via LetsEncrypt) then this shouldn’t be a problem. If you deliver the whole site over http disappearing images are not a problem but chrome will warn of an insecure site.

I have heard that the most recent version of Caspar theme solves this for Caspar.

This plus the fact it works in other browsers suggests it’s not an SSL problem. @CodeForcer does your site load ok in Chrome Incongnito? If so then it sounds like it may be a Chrome extension that is to blame.

@CodeForcer another thing to look at is if you have some nginx/apache configuration to automatically serve webp image files if the browser’s request headers suggest it’s supported

It’s still broken in Chrome incognito and just Chrome generally for all our users, but working 100% fine in both Firefox and Safari

Here is an example of a problem page:

@CodeForcer then I suggest you look into this. Ghost itself doesn’t do anything with webp so the url switches from .png to .webp must be coming from your environment somewhere.

Thanks for the help, I will look into nginx config. Just kind of weird the bug appeared from nowhere after so many months without issue

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