Updates to Ghost Developer Setup Instructions

Hello! Yesterday I wanted to pull down the Ghost code to poke around and see how hard adding a post revision / diff view would be. The guide that all the documentation links to is relatively out of date - it mentions Bower for instance, which appears to have been removed over two years ago.

Is it possible to either open source that guide or have someone go through and update and expand on it? For instance, adding a quick section with the default account credentials for users wanting to work on the Admin system would be helpful.

This next bit might be specific to me, but I also have been unable to get the Admin system to run locally following the steps in the guide. The blog runs fine, but every admin resource results in a 404. Still trying to debug that one, but if anyone has any ideas would love to hear them!

Hey @IanMitchell :wave:
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ve now updated the install steps accordingly:

If you’re still facing problems with the Admin install let us know :+1: