Ghost Casper 4.0 Glitch

Has anyone else experienced the glitch when you have an extremely long blog post (50,000 words) and try to publish it using Ghost Casper 4.0? Half of the text publishes and then there is mangled text underneath. I’ve never experienced it with any other theme. Shoji, for instance, allows the article to be published in its entirety. It’s only Casper that has this problem. Is there some arbitrary post size limit on the Casper theme, and if so, can it be patched to remove it?

I’m going to guess that this is only happening in Chrome - it sounds like a known Chrome bug with having more than 999 rows in a grid :smiley:

If you are writing long form content that results in more than 1000 rows then you’ll need to use a different theme until Chrome fixes the issue.

Thanks for your response. Could you elaborate on why it only affects Casper and not other themes?

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This is because our official themes use CSS Grid for content styling which is a more modern approach to solve things like full-bleed layout, wide/full alignments and avoiding unexpected horizontal scrollbar etc.

If you don’t experience it on other themes, it’s most likely they don’t use CSS Grid, and use other techniques like negative margin.