Ghost Casper vs Ghost Lyra

I want to set up a site with a blog and a forum using Discourse, but I also want a Discourse comment section on the blog. What would be the best theme to use in this instance?

Both themes are good but Lyra has Membership Support… If you need to use ghost membership feature go with the Lyra theme …

& here is a link to how you can use discourse comments in your ghost

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You’ve knocked it out of the park with that reply Inoryum. Thank you so much for your response. It explains a lot. I have a question though, and I apologise if it seems trite. If I set up Lyra and members sign in to my site (on the home page), will it also sign them into discourse at the same time so they can use the comments (in posts) and the forum section of the site? Or is that a job for an automation tool like Zapier?

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No its a job of third-party tools. Ghost membership currently works only with ghost… But if you want a native like commenting tool that supports ghost native signin or signup then I would suggest you to check @dan cove comment

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I was going to suggest the same.

I’m just building my site, but I’m using Dan’s theme that integrates Cove too.

I believe my have an answer here, not sure he’s on the Ghost forums!