Ghost-CLI commands do not work


Hello, when I try install Ghost or run any Ghost command, I have this output:

Ghost-CLI commands do not work inside of a git clone, zip download or with Ghost <1.0.0.

I tried clean de yarn cache and restart ghost, but I haven`t success.


Hello :wave:

A bit more context is needed :slight_smile: Could you answer:

What are you trying to do?
What’s the entire command you’re running
What are the contents of the folder you’re running the command in?


I installed ghost local, but when I try run any ghost command, I have this output above.


It looks like you might not be in the correct directory. Make sure you’re in one of the directories listed in ghost ls


This is my output:

ghost ls
No installed ghost instances found

When I try install Ghost local (ghost install), I have this answer:


It looks like you probably have something in your current directory. You need to install ghost in an empty directory, so you might do something like this:

mkdir ghost
cd ghost
ghost install local

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